Webhosting BINARGON

Do you have you e-shop or web from us? We provideyou with tophostingon our servers! Servers areoptimizedto runoure-shops and other thanour productsdo not run on thm.Compared to conventionalhostings with manydiversesites we can therefore offeryouideal conditions.Priceof hosting isgivenmainly by the numberof products that are located in the e-shop. It change flexibly depending onhow many products you currently havein the e-shop so that you do not have topay forthe output you are not using.

What will you receive within a price?

Own hosting meanssufficient spacefor your photos, databases and e-mails. The advantageis the absolutesecurity of your datathrough continuousbackup tomultiple driveson the same server.
Ineach server there are at least twobackup drives. At least oncea day there is the backing up of all data toanotherserver locatedin another city.The back ups are availableto youat leastthree daysback.

E-mail boxes for free

You will get e-mails forfree to eachhostingprogramme.Operation of an email is provided via IPAM, POP3 and webinterface.E-mail can be administered viaregular e-mail programmes (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and is equipped withantivirusandantispamfilter.
Operation of emailson your own domainis comfortable, it ensures to you an optimumfunctionality andalso provides an easye-mail address that your customerscan easilyremember.

Non-stop server monitoring

Each serveris underconstant surveillance24 hoursa day,7 daysa week.

Technical support isstill in place andcanbephysicallyat the serverwithin 30seconds of a failuredetection.

Allis monitored byautomatic sensors, and each server is alsoat leastonce a dayphysicallychecked.Your site will becontinuouslyavailable andfunctional!

Price: you pay only for what you really need!

You only pay forthe output youactuallyconsumeon our servers!

What if youneedto serve three times as many customers than usual during Christmas?What ifyou decide toradicallyreduce or enlargeits range?

What ifyou need to temporarilyincrease the performanceof your websiteore-shop?

BINARGON charges hosting prices according to actual output consumed! You do not have to buy your own server, you do not have to worry about your presentation being off due to increased traffic. And once more the load is over, we will begin to charge a lower price again!

Professionalserver room

All ourservers are locatedin the server rooms meeting standardTIER3+.Powering of serversis providedby several independent3-phase sources andthereare substitutedieselgenerators ready.

A possiblefailure isalsocovered byUPStechnologyto ensureenergy supplybetween a possiblepower failureandmoving of thedieselgenerators.

Allrooms of a server room arefully air-conditioned(24 hours a day throughout theyearat 20 degreesCelsius). Ismaintained at a constanthumidity and heatingof the servershas a speciallevy. Fire protectionis provided byfire alarm systemwith inert gasFM-200. The entiredata center spaceincluding space forcablingnetworksis with coveredfiresensors.

Telehousehascertifications fromthe NSAand ismonitored byboth physical andelectronic protectionwithbypassinlet chamber(inputonly for one personat a time).


Connectivityto the Czech Republic

You do not payFor transmitted datawith us! You do not havetoreducethe size ofimages ortexts.


Evenordinaryconnectivityabroadwith us is free of charge.Opticalconnectionsabroad we buy for you as intentionallyoversized-we saveyour wallet