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Support, assistance, development

Podpora, pomoc, vývoj

We offer both on-line and phone support and also individual consultations aimed at working with e-shops. We also offer a development of individual functions of your e-shop – accommodated precisely for you.

Price from 490 Kč/month

Cena od 490 Kč/měsíc

In case you are interested in our price offer, don’t hesitate to contact us and our representative will prepare an adequate solution just for you.

Test version for free

Zkušební verze zdarma

Yes. If you want to receive access into a demo version of your e-shop, it is enough just to click on a button “I want to try a demo version”.

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Are there any entrance fees?

The standard eshop is not. One-time payment may be taken at the beginning of the eshop is needed in case if you want to program your own functions, or you want to make your own design of eshop. The actual eshop has no entrance fees.

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Other information about BINARGON e-shops:

Our solutions of e-shops are suitable both for small companies and entrepreneurs, and also for medium and bigger firms. Thank to a possibility to establish your e-shop from required modules, you can get cheap e-shop with advanced functions, which will not become old-fashioned due to our system of continuous development. And you pay only for functions, which you really want!


BINARGON e-shops are universal – they are not limited only to on-line selling of one type of goods. More types of goods can be sold also within one internet e-shop.

The foundation of an e-shop based on a contract, can create a system according to your wishes –special modules and functions., which are not offered now, may be programmed for you. The link of the e-shop with websites heureka, and other browsers/price searchers is a matter of course.


An e-shop administration enables to define needed ways of transport and payment. Whether you provide your goods via standard carriers, or you use specialized courier services, or you deliver the goods from your e-shop by yourselves, your e-shop may help you with printing of documents, money orders and collection notes.


We offer you also a background in a form of services – we will whenever solve your technical problems so that you could focus only on your business without worries.


What does an e-shop order go?

  1. First contact with a future e-shop operator – we will discuss your demands with you

  2. Calculation work-out concerning the creation of an e-shop – after a potential completion of information we will prepare a concrete price offer and we will confirm all by a written contract on an e-shop creation

  3. Implementing of chosen design and other demands into an e-shop

  4. Presenting of an e-shop

  5. Repeated control of the running and proposals for new improvements of an e-shop