Informace o zpracování osobních údajů

1. Contents of this document
1.1. Contact details (point 2)

1.2. Purpose and legal basis of data processing (point 3)

1.3. Recipients of personal data (point 4)

1.4. Transfer of personal data abroad (point 5)

1.5. Period of storage of personal data (point 6)

1.6. Rights of data subjects (point 7)

1.7. Reason for providing data (point 8)

1.8. Automated decision-making (point 9)


2. Contact details
2.1. Your personal data will be processed by the company BINARGON s.r.o., the company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Ostrava, section C, insert 30574, residency address Ostravská 952, 73802 Frýdek-Místek (hereinafter only the administrator or us).

Contact information:


3. Purpose and legal basis of data processing
3.1. Our site does not store any personal data about visitors, apart from the data that the visitors themselves have actively provided (e.g. when sending an inquiry using a web form, we store the email address that the customer has filled in so that we can reply).

In addition to the personal data that the visitor actively transmits, we only record the user's cookie, the visited url address, and the IP address. However, we do not connect this data with the visitor's personal data, even if he himself gives it to us.


3.2. By sending a form, email, phone call or other way of contacting our company, you are submitting selected personal data for further processing.

We process this data provided by you on the basis of the legitimate interest "Development of a business opportunity", in particular to the extent of:

a) Possibilities to contact you with answers to your questions

b) Possibilities of sending a business message or a business offer

c) Measuring and improving the performance of our website

You have the right to object to this processing.


4. Recipients of personal data
4.1. The personal data "email address" may be forwarded to companies operating email services (e.g. gmail, mailchimp) in the event of an answer to your question.


4.2. The personal data "telephone" may be forwarded to companies operating the SMS sending service (mobile operators, SMS gateways) in the event of an answer to your inquiry.


4.3. Our website uses retargeting technologies of external advertising systems (especially sKlik, AdWords, Facebook). This allows us to show our ads in third-party advertising and content networks to visitors who have already shown interest in our products and website.

The data required to display advertisements (cookie, url address, ip address, browser) are not associated with personal data in any way (e.g. phone or email is not forwarded)


5. Transfer of personal data abroad
5.1. Email addresses and telephone contacts may be transferred abroad (including outside the EU) to the companies Google (for sending email using Gmail, for targeting ads) and Mailchimp (for sending email)

6. Period of storage of personal data
6.1. We keep your data for the period required by law (e.g. in the case of concluding a contract and issuing a tax document for the period during which tax documents must be kept in accounting)

6.2. In other cases, we keep personal data for 5 years.


7. Rights of the data subject
7.1. Your data is processed transparently, correctly and in accordance with the law. You have the right to access your data, to an explanation, as well as other rights if you believe that the processing is incorrect. You can also file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, or with a court.

7.2. If you have given us personal data and you no longer agree to their processing by our company, you can request their deletion at


8. Reason for providing data
8.1. The reasons for the provision of data and the processing of this data by you are:

a) Legitimate interest - Development of a business opportunity, improvement of own services and assumption of contract conclusion.


9. Automated decision making
9.1. As specified in point 4, our website uses retargeting technologies. This technology uses automated decision making to target ads to visitors to our website. However, this automated processing does not work with personal data.

All advertisements that are targeted at visitors to our website are displayed only when it is not possible to determine the specific person to whom the advertisement is displayed - this is achieved by displaying the advertisement only to groups of 30 or more people. These groups are large enough to find a specific person in them.

Ads displayed based on a visit to our website are personalized based on the visitor's behavior on the website, from which no specific person can be identified, not based on their personal data!

a) An example of anonymous targeting: we only show an ad with a phone number to those visitors to our website who visited our website but did not visit the contact page. If there are at least 30 such visitors, they will start seeing our advertisement.

b) Opt-out from behavioral targeting - it is possible to opt-out from targeted advertising in a specific advertising system - this usually involves opting out using the icon that is displayed directly on the ad