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Promote your site and get customers! How? Use our SEO and SEM services!
Search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing (SEM) are the foundation of your journey to success. We will create a functional strategy to advertising that actually appeals to customers and brings them to you. With us, your site will be easily accessible, full of quality content and will provide customers quickly and easily with what they are looking for.

Basic optimization for free

True optimization is 95% man-made and can not be replaced by a machine. What are the remaining five percent?

Check out what an e-shop and web make themselves for free for you!

Input analysis

You do not know what strategy will bring you most orders? Does it make sense to invest in the more expensive one, or save?

Let us design a professional analysis of what is currently the most beneficial for your business!

Position in the search engines

Are you on the first page in searching? Does it taje long for your to find you? Why not to be the very first within the search results?

Administration of PPC campaigns

How much are you willing to pay for a potential customer clicking on your ad? And you are sure that the customer is looking just for your goods?

Let a real expert to manage the ads and prices and just watch the number of customers grows.

E-mail marketing

Do you address your customers by e-mail? And do you have an overview of how many of them actually use the email offer? Or which offer was actually successful?

Use promotional texts written by the expert, including the evaluation of the results!

SEO just for you

Whether you are experienced in selling on the Internet or you are just starting out, we offer you the possibility of making SEO plan suitable for you.

It's up to you whether you want to help with some areas of sales or have it worked out and maintain a complete strategy adjusted just for you.

Find out more about SEO and Internet Marketing!

In its early days SEO was set of more or less honorable tactics, which should have provided a better site ranking in search engines. The actual acronym SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization", in Czech " Optimalizace pro vyhledávače ".

The task of the SEO consultant to was to get your website on first position in your chosen phrase. As the importance of other internet marketing services grows, especially PPC advertising and price comparators (in our example, Zboží.cz ...), the requirements for SEO consultants began to change.

SEO and SEM today

Acronym SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can be loosely translated as "Search Engine Marketing". This includes in particular:
• Management of PPC campaigns
• copywriting (writing texts)
• Manage campaigns in comparative prices
• e-mail marketing
• making input and ongoing market analyzes

The term "SEO consultant" is still used for technical / marketing expert who can ensure to your website or e-shop proper flow of customers and primarily orders. SEO is also often referred to any part inernetového marketing.

SEO for e-shop

The aim of SEO for e-shops is to bring the greatest number of customers as possible. The success of e-shop regards both displacement of site ranked higher in the search engines or the introduction or customers using PPC advertising, as well as increasing their conversion ratio (the ratio of site visitors and customers who place an order)

As for e-shops we follow not only the value of purchases, but also the return of advertising campaigns and traffic sources (which channel brought most orders and the most money, etc.). Analysis of keywords and competition can increase sales not only in the e-shop as such, but also the sales of a particular commodity.

SEO for web

Even if your Web presentation does not regard directly the shopping process, we want that the web addresses the right target group and visitors to meet the expected target site.

If the aim of a visitor is to get an information about your offer or your contacts, the site must offer them as comfortable as possible and quickly.

Within the SEO services for your web we will modify its content, structure and position in the search engines so that customers could easily find and use your site.