Functionof websites


Your website may be created from various modules. Each of below described modules can be prepared for you in any amount of graphic variations. You can then decide e.g. how the photo-gallery on the front page will look like and the appearance of contacts.  

Choose functions for your website!

Text editing

You can whenever implement and adjust texts into your presentation. There will be a comfortable editor available for you, in which you can prepare texts, styles, possible colours and charts similarly to office programmes.


Every site may be completed with various photo-galleries. We will prepare for you photo-galleries in different styles – animated, with previews or without, or shifting ones. It all depends fully on your demands.


Apart from photos, you can implement also videos, including videos from servers youtube or video. You can thus provide your clients with videos from your events, production videos or to present yourself in any other way.

Creation of own offers and menu

Your presentation structure is decided fully by you. This is however not all – you can guide your clients also through other offers and various menus on your web. Decide what your menu should be able to do and get the maximum from it!

Blogs, articles and sections

For regular publications we offer a blog module. A blog is a system which enables not only to publish the articles, but also to arrange them into sections. And you decide, which articles shall be placed e.g. on the first page, which shall be shown in product offer etc. The articles may be accompanies by photos, videos or files for download.

Articles export into RSS

All articles of the blog are in a moment of approval/ publishing exported into your RSS channel. They will thus reach their readers immediately!


Your new website may contain also a system for inserting banners. As in the case of a photo-gallery, banners may be variously animated/edited, or changed via crossings etc.

Contact forms

Even various questionnaires, order forms or contact form may be a part of your web. Your clients will thus be able to address you quickly and you will receive their contact information.


Full text searching will enable your clients to find quickly all needed information on your website and make its usage for them more comfortable.

More types of websites

The composition of each site of your web may be individual. We will prepare for you sites wih an ideal composition for needs of your presentation.