Specialized e-shops solutions


Apart from creating and renting casual e-shops we offer also specialized solutions of e-shops. It you sell products requiring a configuration, if you want to sell via an auction, or if you have any other special requirements, we offer to create an e-shop adjusted just for your needs. You can get inspired on this website by several examples of specialized solutions of internet e-shops:

Konfigurátor sestav


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What may a customer change?

In groups, defined by an administrator, the client may choose none, one, or several options. The number of option the client may have is determined by an administrator. The administrator also defines the initial options of the settings.


Final price increase for a client

The final price determined by a sum of prices of chosen components may be freely increased by an administrator. You can thus define e.g. the price for work (fee for setting and assembly etc.)

Více eshopů - jedna administrace produktů


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For clients running more e-shops we offer a variant of so-called satellite e-shops. This solution is represented by one main e-shop, containing all products and orders from the other ones.


All products on one place

In a main (central) e-shop there are concentrated all products. The administrator then states, which products may be bought in which e-shops.

Example: There are fridges, washing machines and televisions in the main e-shop. The administrator will decide that in the first e-shop only fridges will be sold, in the second one only washing machines and televisions.


This setting may be made in a very detailed way. It is possible to determine the sale of whole categories or their subcategories and only individual products.


Different prices for individual e-shops


Iftwo e-shops sellthe samegoods, you caninfluence the pricefor each of thee-shops. Example: The two e-shops selltelevisions. You determine for thefirst e-shop thatplasma TVshould haveby5%  price higher compared to the maine-shop.Theseconde-shop pricehasincreasedby only 2%. The price can be affectedin the following ways:


1.Increase/Decrease of pricesby a percentage (%)

2. Increase/Decrease of pricesby a fixedamount (for example, it can be increase by 20 CZK)

3.Setting of fixed price (eg,all switches in the category will cost exactly 500 CZK)


All orders on one place 


Eachsatellitee-shop keepstrack of yourorders.Orders are however dealt withclearlyand easilyfrom the maine-shop.


E-shops may vary visually


Individual e-shops may have both different design and differently formattede-mails, different contact information etc. All based on your needs.




Aukční servery


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For auction sites selling via traditional auction we offer practical on-line auctions.

Time restrictions auction.

Each auction is restricted by the date and exact time. The customer is informed about the remaining auction time without the need to refresh the page.

Auctions only for registered applicants.

Auction is limited to registered candidates. An administrator has an overview of participants of an auction.

More types of price

Apart from the starting price and the minimum bid, the administrator can specify the price for immediate purchase.

Immediate purchase is not mandatory - the administrator can use it to attract customers who are willing to pay a higher price directly. Such a candidate can jump the auction over and receives the product immediately.

In the auction or more pieces of goods can be auctioned - in this case it is possible for those interested in more pieces to enter the reduced price.

Auction history - list of winners

As in the client part, so in the administration there is an overview of bids and past winners. In case the winner of the auction for any reason take over the won products, there are other winners available.


Penny auction, or an auction with paid bid, is a phenomenon of the years 2010 -2011. We have developed our own solution to this type of auction enabling to establish new auctions, monitoring bidding of customers and many other services.



Prodej downloadem


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Do you sell multimedia contents? Documents? In that case we can offer you modules for goods delivery via download.



The client will receive a document for downloading bought files after the order realisation (after paying) There is also a possibility of repeated download of already bought files in a client account

Specializovaný prodej


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Do your products have top be cut, packed, wrapped or specially delivered before the sale or do they need to be assembled when delivered to a customer?

Right this type of e-shops are our speciality! Products in e-shops may have both specific settings and specific price counting –all based on concrete need of out business.


If you want an e-shop for selling of non-typical or highly specialized goods and services, do not hesitate to contact us!