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Are there any entrance fees?

The standard eshop is not. One-time payment may be taken at the beginning of the eshop is needed in case if you want to program your own functions, or you want to make your own design of eshop. The actual eshop has no entrance fees.

What design will have my new eshop?

Make prints design can be tailored, or use our starter template, that is free! It just depends on your requirements.

Can I add custom design to eshop?

Of course. Your design review and advance in case of irregularities enter.

With which suppliers can be my eshop link?

With every supplier, who supports this solution. If you are not sure, we can communicate with the supplier instead you.

What if I want to program the new features?

Just contact us and we will present you offer calculation fabrication of such an extension.

What if I don´t know for something to do?

So is there for you to contact our technical support. We can also organize training sessions in which you help you with technical problems and with the business process. We have 11 years of experience with suppliers of goods and the carriers.

It is a simple eshop administration ?

Yes , the easiest way to find out is to contact us and ask for a demo to access data . You can test the system and if you need help with anything , you can contact us .

How to shop solves the problem customers?

If you see a problem customer, you will be notified of new e-shop orders that the customers may take place. And even in the case that these customers certain data changes!

It is limited by how many items at once can buy in the eshop?

No. Your customers can buy without restrictions.

How many products can be in the eshop?

From the order of up to 200,000 products. It is also possible specialized solutions over 200,000 products that you can prepare individually.

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